Best Round Cut Engagement Rings Under 1000/2000/3000 Dollars

“A diamond lasts forever.” said by De Bierres. A diamond engagement ring is a symbol of your endless love and your invariable commitment to each other. It’s a custom for couples to show their inward love with this outward present. When the bridegroom turns a ring around his bride, most people would fall tears of happiness.

However, purchasing a best engagement ring can be a challenge for men. They don’t often go shopping, let alone shopping for an engagement ring. So a guiding book or website is in serious need. In view of this, I have done a research to offer some help.

Best Round Cut Engagement Rings Under 1000/2000/3000 Dollars

While selecting a diamond engagement ring, there’re some factors we need to estimate, such as the price, the metal, the 4C’s, the setting and so on. With so much to think about a comparison chart is of great necessity. In the following chart, you can easily distinguish different characters of all the referred rings.

Tips on your purchase on engagement rings

Decide what metal your ring would be

There’re mainly three metals that can be made into a ring: platinum, white gold, yellow gold. Because of resisting tarnishing, the platinum usually cost the most of all. However, it is also the most difficult to repair when damaged. Yellow gold is the most popular and is more welcomed by elder people. White gold matches other jewelry easily. Which to choose is up to you.

Ring setting is of great importance

You have got a lot of options from simple solitaire to contemporary tension ones. It is best for you to make a decision depended on the personality of its future owner. If you get hesitated, it is wise to ask someone(your bride if possible) for help.

Pay attention to a guarantee or warranty

Some jewelers provide a money back service for a limited time while some others offer a lifetime warranty. You must find out which jeweler you are dealing with and have a clear idea of his policy before handing out your money.

Reviews:Best Round Cut Engagement Rings Under 1000/2000/3000 Dollars

#1 1.00 – 0.90cttw IGI Certified Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold (Under 1000)

Best Round Cut Engagement Rings Under 1000The round cut diamond is set in four prongs making it appear as if it is hanging there. What’s more, eight side stones are inlayed in the ring creating a more attractive sparkle. The beautiful solid 14k white gold sets off your finger more fair-skinned and light-complexioned.


  • The clarity is highly estimated to I1-I2 due to few imperfections and makes the ring more valuable at the price.
  • The size of this ring ranges from 4 to 9 to adjust to the finger more suitable, avoiding the awkwardness in case that you don’t know exactly your fiancée’s finger size.

Reasons to buy

With no more than 1000dollars you can have your beloved girl’s hand in yours entering into the wedding hall. It will show your high standard taste while simultaneously saving more money for you. It doesn’t matter if you‘re afraid that your fiancée won’t satisfied with the ring. As soon as you buy it, a 30 days money back guarantee is promised.

Customer reviews

A hammered customer was cheered by the resizing. When he knew the ring was 2 1/2 sizes larger than his lover’s finger size and all the jewelers he turned to said the ring would be damaged because of resizing, he was broken down. However, the jewelry which he bought it from solve the problem with no hindrance.

#2 0.85 Carat IGI Certified Round Cut/Shape Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.5 carat, G-H Color, Eye Clean Clarity (Under 2000)

Best Round Cut Engagement Rings Under 2000Customer reviews

The ring is allowed to be resized in a local store and the fee is reimbursed in a short time. There’s no need to be worried about the quality. It is a very pleasant purchase.

#3 2 Carat Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring with a 1.5 Carat J-K I2 Center (Around $3000)

Best Round Cut Engagement Rings Under 3000Customer reviews

All the customers give five stars with no hesitation. The ring is absolutely perfect and gorgeous. There’s a lifetime exchange warranty offered by the seller. Someone promise they’ll return for an anniversary ring.

My recommendation

Marriage plays an implacable role in our life and the ring is a symbol of you implacable love. So go to Amazon to select the Best Round Cut Engagement Rings Under 1000/2000/3000 Dollars for you two!

Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Under 1000/2000/3000

If you are planning to propose to your beloved woman, you have thought about everything but an engagement ring, then you must be waited by a big failure. When we talk about a wedding, the first comes to our mind must be the rings. Since rings are so important to the future happiness in our life, do you know how to choose the best one for you and your bride-to-be?

Most women would like their engagement rings with diamond shining brightly. However, most of the buyers are so lack of the knowledge of this kind of jewelry that their money can hardly be made good use of. In this Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Under 1000/2000/3000 Dollars article, you can find some information that may help you with the purchase.

Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Under 1000/2000/3000 Dollars

To choose a satisfied diamond ring, there’re four things you need to know. The price, the stone, the metal and the setting are the main factors you should consider. In order to make it easier to tell the differences between different rings, a comparison chart has been made and listed below. The information is being updated all the time.

Things to consider beforehand

How much you will pay

No matter you enter into a shop or open a website, you’ll be faced with a dizzying array of choices of diamond rings. Aprice range should be the right thing to narrow down the choices for you.

Your girlfriend’s finger size

Tough there’re a lot of resizable rings, choosing a suitable size for her still makes it a big surprise. Referring to a decorating ring she already has can be a method. If she doesn’t have any, you can estimate according to the standard stature and make some adjustment.

Whether to ask her for help

As long as the ring is not a part of your planning surprise, you’d better ask your fiancée for some advice. It may be awkward when you choose a ring which is more to your taste than hers.

Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Under $1000/2000/3000 you may want

#1  Under $3000:GIA Certified 1.04 Carat Cushion Cut/Shape 14K White Gold Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring 4 Prong with a 0.59 Carat, J Color, SI1 Clarity Center Stone

Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Under $3000This cushion cut engagement ring is set in four prongs with eight side stones surrounding a center stone. It will definitely bling around your finger and make you the center of all parties.


  • The classic prong set makes the deliciously retro temperament prominent. It may be simple but no less elegant.
  • There’re four metals for you to choose, none of them will let you down. You can make your final choice depending on the jewelry she already has.
  • It is provided by Houston Diamond District making no necessary worry about the quality for you.

Reasons to buy

The ring is perfect to satisfy the standard set by the 4C’S. And the cushion cut help it reflect more light to shine more brightly. It can make a very good topic when you’re in a party to have more friends.

Customer reviews

The outstanding ring is much better than advertised and looks amazingly pretty. Most customers are offered an upgrade in the quality of the center stone so that they are very pleased with the ring and its service.

#2 UnDER $2000:1 Carat 14K White Gold Classic Halo Style Cushion Shape Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.75 Carat F-G I2 Center

Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Under $2000Customer reviews

The quality blows customers away for the price. When they talk to the staff they get extremely helpful and informative. They are all very glad with the purchase.

#3 Under $1000:1.10CT Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set 10K White Gold

Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Under $1000Customer reviews

It sparkles a lot and looks absolutely gorgeous. The clarity is much better than they expected. Most of they like the ring set and are amazed by the wonderful product.

My recommendation

All the cushion cut engagement ring referred to above are absolutely different on their designs, but are all very beautiful. For me, I prefer the first though it’s the most expensive of all. Go to Amazon to choose your best on

Best Black Diamond Engagement Rings under 500/1000/2000

Rumor has it that marriage is the tomb of love. However, if not marriage, love is dead without burial. Girls make up their minds to enter the marriage hall with their Mr. Right, committing the whole life’s happiness to theircare. Engagement ring as a symbol of this sacred ceremony plays an irreplaceable role. So to select the best ring for your big day allows no negligence.

To buy an Best Black Diamond Engagement Ring under 500/1000/2000 Dollars for the first time, most people would get confused facing with so much information, others may just judge a ring by its appearance ignoring anything important.So I have done a research on different rings to offer some useful advice to my readers.

Best Black Diamond Engagement Ring under 500/1000/2000 Dollars

People would like to choose their best ring based on whether it’s the most beautiful andshiniest. Besides that, there’re more aspects we need to take care of. To make it more obviously to tell the differences between various rings for a green hand, a comparison chart is listed below.

Things to consider when choosing the best diamond ring

How much you will pay

Before you go to a store or log in a website, the first thing you need to figure out is your budget. Marriage is a serious thing, and the ring you turn on your bride’s finger show your unparalleled love to her.But it doesn’t mean you have to pursue a ring beyond your capability. Make your choice without regret is enough for all.

Do you prefer famous brand

Cartier, Lovenus, Tiffany and many other famous jewelers have offered numerous unbelievable designs. There’s no doubt it would cost you an amount of money to own a diamond ring from these famous brands. On the other hand, if you’re not a brand hunter, there’s also a chance to select a satisfied diamond ring from other small jewelers.

During my research, I have browsed many websites to select some black diamond rings that answer to all my requests. If you also like black diamond rings, go ahead to choose your best one.

The most popular black diamond ring under 500/1000/2000

# Best black diamond ring under $2000

1 2.0ct Black Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k White Gold

2.0ct Black Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k White GoldBlack always gives its audience a feeling of high-end. With a black diamond ring shining around the finger may make your sweetheart feel good. What’s more, the spiral set with 42cts of round diamonds shows your endless love for her.


  • The shape: The square center stone companied with a spiral setting makes a sense of firmness and flexibility. Though complex the design is, you won’t be annoyed.
  • The color: The center stone is black solitaire and the surrounding ones are G-H. There will be a visual contrast to make the ring more special.
  • The clarity: You may be amazed at the bright black center stone in AAA solitaire and its excellent surrounding ones.

Reasons to buy

If you buy this ring, you’ll get a separate UGL diamond gem lab appraisal which includes every detail of the ring’s characteristics. Sold by the front jewelers can promise its buyers high-valued quality.Besides, the ring may cost you no more than 2000dollars on Amazon, but you will be promised a lifetime warranty.

Customer reviews

Love the ring! Amazing look at amazing price! With such a ring surrounding my finger, I must be the happiest bride in the world. What’s more, the ring can be a definitely conversation starter.

Price & discount

If you go to Amazon to buy this ring, you’ll get a 60 per cent discount. Don’t hesitate!

Any Other Best Black Diamond Engagement Rings under 500/1000/2000 dollars?

Best black diamond ring under $1000

#2 2.69CT Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

2.69CT Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White GoldCustomer reviews

Though you may not love the ring at first sight, you’ll be a fan after a few weeks. It definitely worth the price, the ring never fades however long time you wear it. It has everything you expected.

#3 Best black diamond ring under $500

1.00 Carat Round Black Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14k White Gold

Best black diamond ring under $500Customer reviews

Wonderful ring at a great price! The ring is simple but elegant. When giving to the fiancée, she was excited at the shining diamond ring.


My recommendation

Black diamond ring has always been my favorite ring. All the rings I recommend above are all the most popular among the customers. Go to Amazon for more detail information.

Best 14K White Gold 1.0Ct Diamond Engagement Ring under 2000

Diamonds have invariably been termed as high-priced treasures through the years together with marketplace propaganda’s promoting for the 2 month income preserving of once earnings to obtain just one. As everyone knows, diamonds might be cut into a number of styles. Shape doesn’t typically influence a diamond’s cost; favorites are merely a matter of individual flavor. The Round-Cut is by far the most popular diamond shape, which fully demonstrates the symmetrical beauty in no matter which angle of seeing the diamond. In this review, we’re going to introduce to you the most affordable Round-Cut ring—Best14K White Gold 1.0Ct Diamond Engagement Ring under 2000

Best 14K White Gold 1.0Ct Diamond Engagement Ring under 2000

Best14K White Gold 1.0Ct Diamond Engagement Ring under 2000Purely Spectacular, this kind of White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring comes with a three-stone diamond cluster appear with round-cut gemstones in white gold. The particular diamonds are amazingly placed in a dual halo that has a split shank style and also produce a fabulous look designed to wow everyone. Mark your ” special ” moment with this unique and genuinely memorable  Diamond Engagement Ring and really feel just stunning.

Product Features:

  1. Conflict free;
  2. Company:;
  3. Gem Type: Diamond;
  4. Setting: Multiple;
  5. Metal Stamp: 14K;
  6. Metal Weight: 4.09g;
  7. Metal Type: White gold;
  8. Stone Wight: 1 carats;
  9. Color & clarity: H-I & I1-I2;
  10. Stone Shape & Cut: Round-Cut & Good Cut.

Highlights of this Ring:

  1. Price too high?

You’ll never say that out after you knowing the price. It’s quite affordable with its clarity ranked as I1-I2, which means there may be some inclusions noticeable under the 10x zoom, but cannot be neglected by eyes. And the color is ranked H, and I show up colorless in their settings and ought to be in comparison with diamonds of upper grades to detect virtually any slight hue of color. With all these, the price is acceptable for everyone.

  1. Is the Good cut really good?

You’re guaranteed with a YES answer. Gemstones with a Good cut rank reflect almost all of the light getting into them and are of fantastic value. It will be a diamond that you’ll find somewhat much deeper or shallower, or possess a somewhat bigger or smaller sized table facet, in comparison with an Ideal cut. Cutters might go with a Good cut in order to reach a balance in between cut and carat weight maintenance.

  1. Can Round-Cut be fashionable?

You’ll get the answer of “ YES” from almost every buyer of this ring. The round-brilliant cut is definitely by far the most aesthetically stunning because of the 360-degree symmetrical framework. Any round brilliant is a marvellous alternative if you care the most shimmer plus the most long-lasting old classic layout. The actual spherical design has always been cut for many years. Round-brilliant gemstones are definitely the only shape to currently have this specific wonderful proportion outlined.

Why you MUST buy this one:

  1. Top quality and exquisite design which only be fixed at a really reasonable price. You won’t regret for buying this one for your wife-to-be. I mean it’s really worth what you’re going to pay.
  2. Look at this elegant ring shining in its endowed sacred light. What can be more beautiful and gorgeous than this one? I mean the design with three clusters of diamonds placed symmetrically on the front and exquisitely made. Merely looking at it will faint the viewers.

Consumer Reviews

An excellent ring at an excellent price.This diamond ring is perfectly stunning….. It appraised at in excess of its value and I obtain tons of compliments…it’s a great steal!!!!!So, this ring is not a bad deal at all, it’s just that kind of amazing ring that my own fiancee desires to brag to all of her friends about.

Price Analysis

This Ring is sold in Amazon at the price of $1,199.99, which is quite reasonable with its high quality and durability on which you can count. Go to browse the web pages of Amazon and see more details about this ring to make your decisions.


1.75 Carat Round Cut Designer Halo Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Whenever looking for the diamond jewels either intended for gift items, engagement rings or maybe the valuable wedding ring, it is essential to devote some time and be aware of the 4C’s of diamond certifying. This consists of the cut, the colour, the clarity and also the carat weight of the particular diamond. It is crucial since it is the determining factor of the actual value therefore it’ll make sure that you invest in whatever is definitely worth. Among all the types of diamond with various cuts,round-cut diamonds are classified as the most classic, which can be the only pattern which can provide an ideal-cut diamond. Here we’ve sorted out the best Round-Cut Diamond Ring for you—1.75 Carat Round Cut Designer Halo Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring.

1.75 Carat Round Cut Designer Halo Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring

1.75 Carat Round Cut Designer Halo Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement RingIt features a thirty Days Money-back Guarantee,100% Natural plus Conflict Free, and Variance for Overall Diamond Weight +/- 6%, and a Container for you to Accent Diamond jewelry Item. Also you can have it resizable to get Sizes 4-9. A beautifully designed round cut, with numerous shining side studs embellished inside the two walls of the band. It’s the symbol of quality and value.

Product Features:

  1. Design: Round-Cut;
  2. Origin: USA;
  3. Average customer review: 5 stars;
  4. Metal Stamp: 14K;
  5. Gem Type: white diamond;
  6. Width and Stone weight: 1.20 inches & 1 carets;
  7. Color and Clarity: K & I2.

Highlights of this ring:

  1. Is the Round-Cut really great?

This is merely cannot be counted as a question. Anyone equipped with a little knowledge would know that Round-Cut options will never be a bad one. By far probably the most favored diamond pattern, the round-brilliant cut is in addition essentially the most visually dazzling due to its 360-degree symmetrical structure. A round brilliant is a wonderful option if you’d like the most glimmer and also the most long-lasting classic design. The spherical pattern has long been cut for hundreds of years. Round-brilliant gemstones are classified as the only shape to have got this kind of perfect proportion defined.

  1. What about the container?

The particular round silhouette harmonizes with nearly every mounting,ranging from traditional solitaires to the most avant-garde styles. Rounds could be placed into 4 or perhaps 6 prongs, in line with the design of the actual setting, or perhaps into frame mountings.

  1. What can the Very Good cut provide?

Any diamond that has been cut to exacting dimensions, enabling it to reflect nearly as much light as a good Ideal cut would. Gemstones which has a Very Good cut grade tend to be outstanding diamonds along with affordable prices in comparison with Ideal cut. Normally, in the event that the round brilliant possess an Ideal cut or perhaps Very Good cut, you would like the actual setting to get the smallest amount of metal surrounding the stone so that it’s held firmly nevertheless doesn’t cover up excessively of the diamond and also hinder light from getting into the stone.

Why you CAN’T afford to miss it:

  1. Classic cut of round can guarantee you of the long-time stability. It will never get out-dated for a upcoming future. Classic will forever be the classic and give your investment full play and never disappoint you to any degree.
  2. All the buyers has scored this diamond as 5-star treasure with numerous commendatory comments poured on it. If you say just one good word is not convincible, you really need to see all the consumer reviews of this remarkable ring.

Consumer Reviews

This diamond ring has been fantastic. The clarity of stone was in fact fantastic and also the quality of workmanship ended up being terrific. I instantly got it to have it appraised and whilst the real value has been different then the thing that was states buy HDD, my spouse and I still obtained a heck of a ring, really worth well in excess of what I paid actually therefore I am incredibly pleased at it. My fiancee loves it very much. The actual procedure with HDD has been simple and these people kept in contact with me through out the time in order to make certain I have been content. Basically if I ever demand an additional diamond ring I won’t think twice to check HDD initially. I would personally undoubtedly recommend purchasing a diamond ring from HDD if you’d like high quality and value.

Price Analysis

The price of this Diamond Ring in Amazon is fixed at $2,419.01-$2,469.01. Would you like the diamond ring yet want it to be in a different cost range; With more than 10,000 stones, we could obtain the ideal diamond ring for your spending budget by upgrading/modifying the very center diamond.

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IGI-Certified Platinum Round-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring under 2000

Within the strictest concise explaination of the phrase, “cut” isn’t the exact same thing just as “shape” – for instance, the most well-liked cut for the diamond is definitely the round brilliant cut, yet you can also find round Swiss cuts, round Old European cuts, as well as round 144-facet cuts. In most cases, however, the actual phrases are being used interchangeably. So how to choose a Round-Cut Diamond Ring for yourself and your beloved one? It can be a really tricky question. But we’ve luckily got the answer, here it is—IGI-Certified Platinum Round-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring under 2000.

Picks:IGI-Certified Platinum Round-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring under 2000

IGI-Certified Platinum Round-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring under 2000Impress your girl with this classic elegance and uncomplicated sophistication of the platinum diamond solitaire engagement ring. Engagement diamond ring boasting round-cut precious stone in 4-prong setting as well as platinum band. Just about all the diamond providers make sure that they adhere to the Kimberley Process that will guarantee that their gemstones are actually conflict free. IGI-certified jewellery has already been evaluated and also authenticated by the actual International Gemological Institute’s professional gemologists.

Product Feature:

  1. Manufactured in the United States;
  2. Might be resized down or up 1 size;
  3. All of the diamond dealers certify that with their greatest knowledge their gemstones are certainly not conflict diamonds;
  4. Company:
  5. Material Sort Set Component: diamond
  6. Design: Platinum Solitaire Engagement Ring_2_PARENT
  7. Accessories:Qualified Platinum, Spherical, Gemstone 4-Prong Stud Ear-rings (one 1/2 cttw, G-H Colour, VS2 Clearness); Bridal Keepsake Diamond jewelry Case:10k Yellow-colored Gold 3-Piece Briolette Golden Hoop Ear-rings. Accredited Platinum, Rounded, Gemstone 4-Prong Stud Ear-rings (two cttw, G-H Colour, VS2 Clarity).

Highlights of this Ring:

  1. Could this Ring be shining enough?

Never doubt about this part. This ring is endowed the gift to give you all a shock. An ample two carat spherical diamond is actually cradled inside a secure six-prong placing of sparkling platinum. The stylish setting as well as simple, clean outlines of the platinum ring highlight the actual diamond magnificently. It is really an extraordinary top quality diamond.

  1. Is there every possible impurity?

Never should you worry about this. This item has your word to guarantee its high clarity. Ranked G-H, it truly is within the superior array of in close proximity to colorless and looks stunning white with the setting. It features a exquisite clearness of minimum VS2, without any blemishes noticeable towards the unaided eye.

  1. Can this truly worth the price paid?

Well, that really depends—just a joke—I believe it is probably the most exceptional and also valuable metals on this planet, platinum presents awesome durability along with a natural vibrant shimmer, which makes it your best option for showcasing expensive diamonds. Its glowing shine is much like white gold, yet even much brighter, and different from white gold, it will eventually by no means stained or possibly call for replating. Platinum can also be hypo-allergenic and also well suited for especially those with very sensitive skin.

Why you SHOULD get this one:

  1. There’s no doubt that the Round-Cut Diamond Ring is the most well-liked type. The kind of cut can better demonstrate the shining, elegance and beauty of those expensive and treasured stones.
  2. This is really a showcase for you to exhibit to all. The high clarity has allowed more light to go trough the actual diamond cut, which makes it more penetrating and bright—just what should be required for a Ring.

Consumer Reviews

My own woman desired a good platinum weeding diamond ring. And this looks just like the actual ideally suited ring for my darling. She actually took this unique diamond engagement ring along with an accompanying bridal band. She said in exhilaration that she loves it very much and I am extremely happy with this!!!! seems that it helps deepen our affection. I would say responsibly it’s the best ever ring on the planet.

Price Analysis

This item is sold in Amazon ranging from $15,649.95 to $16,951.92 provided with FREE returns if there’s any flaws or discontents. Although the price is not low at all—when in comparison with other counterparts quite reasonably fixed—it’s the embodiment of your life-long love and your sacred commitments.

Today’s Picks:Best Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring under 2000

IGI Certified 18k White Gold Classic Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Every single different day has witnessed a boost in the total number of men and women considering getting the princess-cut gemstone engagement ring from the native suppliers and also  the online shops.Of the numerous diamond form available for sale, the princess-cut one is regarded as the second most preferred across the world. It has to be informed that the Princess-cut diamonds tend to be square or rectangle-shaped. Whilst very fashionable, this is actually a newer style, therefore possessing a modern-day attractiveness. Today we’ve selected out the most affordable and gorgeous Princess-Cut ring for you—IGI Certified 18k White Gold Classic Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring featuring 1/2 cttw, H-I Color, and SI1-SI2 Clarity.

IGI Certified 18k White Gold Classic Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

IGI Certified Diamond Engagement RingThis ring is in a style of the classic Princess-Cut, which ranges the second place on the list of the most salable type of diamond cut. There are two kinds of color combination from which you can choose from, yellow-gold and white gold, one more deeper tainted and another more salubrious. The clearness can ensure that it catches the light and reflect the light out, thus creating the most dazzling scene.

Product Features:

  1. Item Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 1.9 ins;
  2. Delivery Weight: 3.2 ounces;
  3. Metal Stamp: 18k;
  4. Setting: four-prong;
  5. Stone Shape: Princess;

Highlights of this Ring:

  1. What can this Princess-Cut mean?

I believe this is what haunting you and what you cannot figure out. Well, here’s the answers. The princess cut is actually a contemporary classic of thoroughly clean, square outlines and exquisite glimmer. This design is the ideal option should you prefer a square or perhaps rectangular outline yet desire the splendour of the round. Created in the 1970s, the princess-cut is currently second just to the round brilliant with regard to level of popularity. Even though the majority of buyers would have a preference for a square outline, several diamonds tend to be cut with a somewhat more rectangular outline. The princess-cut functions magnificently as a solitaire but in addition looks excellent associated with side gemstones, especially trillions or perhaps smaller sized princess-cut diamonds. You will need to protect the much more vulnerable edges with a V-shaped prong at every point.

  1. Is the 0.5 Carets great?

The carat weight of the diamond is actually a main aspect in its cost, however the cut, colour, as well as clearness will as well influence the actual price tag drastically. Any 1/2 carat (0.50 ct.) gemstone solitaire endowed with higher color and clarity rankings could cost more than the usual 3/4 carat (0.75 ct.) gemstone solitaire together with lower color and also clearness scores. Due to the fact that large  diamonds are usually scarcer in the wild than small-scaled ones, diamond value rises exponentially for some thresholds of gemstone carat weights.

Why you MUST buy this one:

  1. This specific appealing Princess-Cut Diamond engagement ring features a focused IGI licensed 0.5 carat princess-cut diamond. This spectacular diamond marks an excellent H-I color and also a nice and clean SI1-SI2 in clarity. There is only one main brilliant diamond in the center which demonstrate its dominating position, symbolizing the loyalty in the upcoming marriage relationship. The band has been compactly designed fully showing its simplicity, symbolizing the pureness of the marriage life,and is actually manufactured of sound 18k white gold along with a 14k white gold head.
  2. The particular princess-cut diamond is undoubtedly equally romantic and fashionable, featuring its clean square outlines and delightful glow. This gorgeous stone generates a classic solitaire setting over the Authorized 18k Gold Classic Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Whether your woman favors cozy yellow gold hues or perhaps the white-colored gold finish this particular diamond ring can create an eternal symbol of your deep love. The highlighted diamond stone is actually graded along with H-I color and to some degree offered with SI1-SI2 clarity. The diamond retains 1/2 carats within weight. It is definitely safely secured using a 4-prong container setting.

Consumer Reviews

This is visually awesome. High quality, although I’ve not presented this to any kind of expert yet. Nevertheless, I really have confidence in Amazon and this also arrives along with a certificate from IGI, therefore I ‘m pretty certain that this is definitely authentic as described. I’ve seen lower quality when compared with this one in substantial jewelry suppliers with much higher selling price, so I feel extremely delighted to acquire such a high quality engagement ring at such a price.

Price Analysis

This ring is on sale at the price of $1,389.99 with FREE returns. Amazon has made its promise of high quality and reasonable price of its series of diamond rings. You can browse the web pages and see if it’s true.

Today’s Picks: Best Diamond Engagement Ring Under 2000 Dollars

Best White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Rings Under 2000

I have a friend who is looking for an engagement ring for his girlfriend. He is so confused about what kind of ring to buy. According to my own experience, I suggest he chooses the elegant and unexpected white gold princess cut engagement ring. While not the traditional selection, it is a wonderful choice for glaring engagement ring. The sparkle of the ring is unique because of the special cutting.

But choosing the most suitable white gold princess cut engagement ring can be a big deal. Don’t worry. The best white gold princess cut engagement ring suitable for your budget is approaching  if you spend a few minutes to look through the following guide.

Comparison Chart:Best White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Rings (Under 500/1000/2000 Dollars)

Judging from the cut, the price, and so on, this article will give you a close look on the 2015 popular trends for white gold princess cut engagement ring. Some information about rings, such as the shape, the clarity, and the ring size should be paid attention to. And the comparison offers the clear introduction, it will be changed when any factor occurs.

Tips for Choosing the Best White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Rings

  • Your Budget

The first thing you should do when you are going to buy an engagement ring is set your budget. You should decide how much you will spend for the ring. Once you have determined the price, you will easily get a favorite ring. You need to know different price of diamonds have different quality. At some point, you must think about the quality of the diamond, not simply the cost.

  • The Four Cs Principle

The diamond’s four Cs principle4 Cs are : Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight.

  • Cut

Cut is probably the most challenging and important of the four Cs to understand. The cut of the diamond is referred to brilliance and sparkle. Colorless diamonds are the most desirable

  • Color

Though the colors of the diamonds are ranging from D (colorless) to Z (a light yellow), colorless diamonds have been considered the most valuable since they are the most refraction of light .

  • Clarity

The clarity is about the flaw of stone. Diamonds that have highly clarity are more brilliant and more valuable.

  • Carat Weight

The carat of the diamond does matter because it is the unit of weight. And the price of a diamond rises multiplied to its size. Generally, the large diamonds are more precious because they are more rare than small diamonds.

The Most Popular White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Rings

#10k White Gold Engagement Ring with Blue and White Diamonds (3/4cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity)

10k White Gold Engagement Ring with Blue and White Diamonds under 500This amazing ring is completely crafted in 10k white gold. The unique place of this white gold engagement ring is having four princess-cut diamonds at center which are surrounded by additional brilliant round diamonds. The diamonds are piercing I2-I3 clarity and a blinding white IJ color. The price is range from $ 568.04 – $ 638.74.


  • The Diamond Shape: fashioned in 10K white gold this ring showcases four beautiful princess cut diamonds weighing 0.75 carats. The blue diamonds at shank and shoulder are very attractive.
  • The Diamond Color: It’s a blue and white piece of pure beauty. The princess cut diamonds are a blinding white IJ color.

Why you should buy:

Different from those traditional rings, this one has two diamond shape and color. It is a perfect selection for those who love unique and blue diamonds. In the meanwhile, buying this ring also shows your fashion taste.

Customer Reviews

The ring is GORGEOUS!!! It is really beautiful with the10k white gold. It doesn’t catch when my fingers through my hair. I can’t help but stare at because it’s so sparkly. If you love blue diamonds please don’t hesitate for buying this one!!


#IGI Certified 14k White Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (1 cttw, H-I Color, I1-I2 Clarity)

Best White Gold Princess Cut Engagement RingsCustomer Reviews

Honestly, the diamond is good quality without doubt. The ring is featured three brilliant princess cut center stone weighing 1.0 carats. It is a perfectly hand crafted ring in 14K white gold. My wife loved it and I’m so happy about buying it!!!! I’m happy with this purchase so far.

#1/3 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold

0.33 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring under 500Customer Reviews

The style of the ring is very unique. The quality of the center stone is actually better than the  side stones, there is no color difference between the diamonds. It isn’t as big as I had thought, but still very beautiful. They sent it out just hours after ordering which is very fast.

My Recommendation

Maybe you want to buy a ring for the one you love. These white gold princess-cut rings are elegant and dignified. Personally speaking, I prefer the first one. I write this guide to give you some information, and hope it can help you to make a good choice. Please check the best White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Rings online if you have a preference in mind.

Best Heart Shaped Engagement Rings Under 2000

Marriage is a big event in life of a person. The heart shape is the most evident symbol of people’s love. If you want to express your love for your sweetheart by the engagement ring, you will make  the most correct decision by choosing a heart shaped engagement ring. And the heart shaped diamond is considered as the most romantic cuts among all of the diamonds.

The heart shaped diamond virtually seems like a pear shaped with a cleft at the top. Just because of this, the engagement ring has excellent sparkle. But it is difficult to purchase a prefect one.Recently, I have found some amazing heart shaped engagement rings online. And I’ve sorted out some in-depth reviews. This buying guide would help you get the best heart shaped engagement ring under 2000 dollars.

Picks:Best Heart Shaped Engagement Rings Under 2000

Judging from the cut of diamond, the ring size,the diamond certificate, the item weight and so on, this comparison chart will give you a lot of information about the ring. An immediately updating will be given to support your perfect purchasing. Therefore if you want to buying a suitable ring, be sure to check out this article now and then. And now, be prepared for this amazing journey!

Tips for Choosing the Best Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

  • Knowing your purpose:

Rings are made of thousands of different styles, for amateurs and professionals. First of all, you should consider what is the purpose of buying a diamond ring. Do you intend to buy a diamond ring as a birthday gift? Definitely not! You are buying a heart shaped engagement ring. You need to choose an elegant, solemn and holy ring.

  • Set your affordable price:

It is essential to set the budget prior to purchasing because of various price level. The most important thing you should decide is your own budget range. How much do you intend to buy a ring? In view of some people may have a little tight on hand, the next several heart shaped engagement rings under 1000 dollars may be the better choice.

  • Details that should be paid attention to:

Firstly, choose the ring in the two highest cut grades, ideal or very good. Secondly, the ring settings have many metals. But nothing shines like platinum and gold. Thirdly, the diamonds with VS grades are excellent choice for both value and appearance. Finally, the certification of the diamond is important. Please keep that in your mind.

The Most Popular Heart Shaped Engagement Rings under 2000 Dollars

#Heart Shaped Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Setting with 5 Prongs for Women in 14k White Gold under 1000

Heart Shaped Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Setting with 5 Prongs for Women in 14k White GoldThis beautiful ring is crafted in an elegant 14k white gold setting. In the center of the ring designs a classic 5-prong to hold the shining heart shaped diamond. It is a beautiful reminder of your promise to be with she forever. This sophisticated design makes the ring a perfect surprise. Not only the good cut, but also clarity are matched with the price that $ 512.00 .


  • There are three types of the metal type: white-gold, rose-gold, yellow-gold
  • Allurez jewelry usually packaged in a charming jewelry box
  • The ring has a certificate and made in USA.

Reasons to buy it

While not the traditional selection, heart shaped diamonds make lovely engagement rings. What’s more, the ring is now on sale. It has a sensible price. You can save nearly $ 276.00 (35%) dollars if you buy it now. And it comes from the Allurez which is one of the most the reliable jeweler. S there is nothing worry about the quality of this beautiful engagement ring.

Customer Reviews

If you want a ring real looking with a real sparkler, then don’t hesitate, order this one. Although the ring is very simple, but still very bright. I just got it yesterday. The settings of the ring is amazing. I like the design of the ring. At first look it seems like a little small, but it is really nice. I Love It!

#Ladies 14k White Gold 1.04 Ct Round Cut Diamond Heart Shaped Wedding Engagement Bridal Ring Set

Ladies 14k White Gold 1.04 Ct Round Cut Diamond Heart Shaped Wedding Engagement Bridal Ring SetCustomer Reviews

This ring is gorgeous! It is made of genuine diamonds. I was looking for a heart shape ring, because I am going to engage on next Valentines Day with my boyfriend. We all think a heart shape ring would be appropriate to express the feelings to your loved ones. The ring did not let me down. All I can say is Wow!


1.0ct Heart Shaped Solitaire Diamond Ring 14k Gold under 4000 dollars

Customer Reviews

I love heart jewelry. I give it 5 stars because this sterling silver jewelry was amazing to have. I loved when my friend gave it to me as a birthday gift. The center diamond is about 1.0 carat, and the stones around it are small.

 My1.0ct Heart Shaped Solitaire Diamond Ring 14k Gold Recommendation

If I were you, I will definitely order the first beautiful Heart Shaped Engagement Rings Under 2000 Dollars, for its reasonable price. I have to be  honest with you that there is no such things like“the best”ring for you, but there will be one that fits you perfectly. I believe you can find your preference.

Best 3 Stone Engagement Rings Under 2000

A few days ago, my brother wanted to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend but could not choose a suitable ring, so he asked me for some advice. In view of his girlfriend is a graceful and generous girl, I think a 3 stone engagement ring is more suitable for her. So I tried my best to check out some wonderful 3 stone engagement rings online.

I found there were a lot of good-featured rings on, but it is a little difficult to choose the best one faced with so many beautiful rings. Luckily, I finally found one. I guess you may be encounter such kind of things. Thus, I am going to share some of my picks of those shining Best 3 Stone Engagement Rings Under 2000 and hope it can help you to make a sensible choice.

 Comparison Chart:Best 3 Stone Engagement Rings Of 2015

To give you some useful information about 3 stone engagement rings, I have studied a lot of rings to make some comparison. First of all, it is absolutely essential to take your budge in to account. And the information of the shape and the ring size should be paid attention to. Due to the fast upgrading speed of engagement rings, this chart will be updating all the time.

My works: things you should think about when choosing a 3 stone engagement ring

  • How much you will spend on the ring?

The first thing you should decide when you are going to buy an engagement ring is you own budget. It’s necessary for you to establish a budget before going to the store. Generally speaking, the more precious the diamond is, the more valuable it will be. And you will find the proper price for a perfect 3 stone engagement ring.

  • What is your expectation for the engagement ring?

Since the cut and the clarity and many other factors may influence the price of the ring, you should unravel what are you prefer the most. Firstly, the best cut diamonds create a unique optical appearance. Secondly, the color of the diamond is on behalf of the quality of the diamond, and it will never change. Thirdly, the diamonds without inclusions and blemishes are highly valued. Finally, there are many kings of the stone shape, such as princess, round-cut diamond. Generally speaking, the certifications gained by jewelers are the best standards. You can choose a 3 stone engagement ring according to your personal preference.

The Most Popular 3 Stone Engagement Rings Under 2000 Dollars

#IGI Certified 14k White Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (1 cttw, H-I Color, I1-I2 Clarity)  

Best 3 Stone Engagement Rings under 2000It is a 3 stone engagement ring showcases featuring princess cut diamonds with a color ranking of H-I and clarity of I1-I2. Expertly crafted in 14K white gold, this sophisticated design makes the ring amazing. The adjustable engagement ring can be sized from 6 to 8. Not only the good cut, but also clarity are matched with the price that $ 1,124.99.


  • The ring has a certificate from IGI which means you can rest assured to buy it.
  • It is a stunning 3 stone engagement ring with princess cut diamonds which is very elegance.
  • Since the colors of the ring are ranging from D to Z, the engagement ring is for H-J color. It is nearly colorless.
  • This engagement ring is evaluated as I1-I2 clarity which means it having little flaw that influence the ring’s brilliance.

Reasons to buy it

  • sensible price: The price of the ring is very reasonable! You can save nearly 2375.01 dollars if you buy it now. It’s a good selection for those who have a little tight on hand.
  • good stature: It comes from the reliable Amazon Collection. Therefore, don’t worry about the quality of this expecting engagement ring.

Customer Reviews

Beautiful ring for the price! This ring is very elegant and is definitely a wonderful one. At first I was not expecting the good quality , but I am very happy for having it. The quality and cut of the three stones are actually great, which makes it specially.

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#4.86 ct tw 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum

4.86 ct tw 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring PlatinumCustomer Reviews

This ring is elegant and is an absolutely gorgeous ring. The diamonds are smaller than the picture, but it was exactly the one that I was looking for. The black velvet box of the ring is nice and the certificate is authentic. I strongly recommend this ring for those who are looking for a beautiful ring on a budget.

#Bridal 3 Stone Style Vintage 2ctw Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring 14K White Gold

Most Popular 3 Stone Engagement RingsCustomer Reviews

This is a beautiful 3 stone diamond ring with a dainty setting. Absolutely it is a very stunning ring! The exquisite  ring with the three light stones in the center is well cut. The gorgeous ring would make you excited because of having it. The quality of the ring guarantee by a comprehensive certificate

My Recommendation

During my writing of the article I definitely fall in love the first one for the good price and beautiful design. There are Most Popular 3 Stone Engagement Rings UNDER 2000 DOLLARS and there will be one of them which fits you perfectly. Hopefully what I’ve recommended about the ring could benefit you in some manner. .