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Best Engagement Rings Under $1500 For Women

Do you smell the sense of happiness when you are right in the middle of preparing your one and only proposal? I know what you need and that is a perfect ring! We all want to buy the perfect ring which may be the most expensive purchases we make so far.

For most people, choosing an engagement ring especially without any experience can be really tough. Guess what? Take five minutes reading the list I made for the best engagement rings under $1500 dollars (For Women), it will make both your wallet and your future bride-to-be happy!

 My Picks:Best Engagement Rings Under $1500 For women (Updated)

Guide:Money saving tips when choosing an engagement ring on line.

$1500 is not a small number, so we shall make every dollar count and efficient. Here I would like to give you some tips for money saving as possible as we can.

  • The price is mainly decided by the carat of the diamond, however the price usually jump at a half-carat or full carat weight, which means you can save a lot of money if you go for a 0.98 carat diamond ring than a 1 carat one. What’s more, you can hardly tell the difference between the sizes.
  • We can barely tell the difference of small inclusions with the naked eye, so for most of the people, buying a diamond ring with no macroscopically flaws would be good enough.

Top 3 engagement rings under $1500 Of 2016

#1 1.00 – 0.90cttw IGI Certified Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Goldbuy4._V192207739_

Top 3 engagement rings under $1500 Of 2015This engagement ring really counts as a must-have jewelry for women. It is designed by Natural Diamond which we always goes for ND and already gained a world class name. What’s more, this engagement ring is available directly from the source! Unique designed with high quality manufacture, this ring is only about 1 grand. The 14 white-gold is meticulously crafted, sparkled by a brilliant-cut stone set in the center. Graded 4C certifications like I1-I2 clarity, K-L color and Good cut, we can really complain no more!


  • The classic 4 prong setting method allow the diamond to remain its purest state, which is amazingly glorious. Even just a glimpse, you can never stop the idea of longing for it.
  • 100% natural diamonds with no heat treatment which keeps the quality at a high level. With a 0.5 carats stone weight, you will be the center under spotlight all the time!

Reasons to buy

  • Due to the direct manufacturing, the price is exceptional, the company guarantees a 30 days money back process, which makes our purchase more convenient.
  • If you feel the ring is oversized, the company has a resizing service which makes sure what you bought is perfectly fitting with your size.

Customer review

The ring arrived just in time! I’ve never meet a customer service this much of kind! After hearing my girlfriend said yes to me, I think all these time’s waiting and internet searching is all worth it !

 Any Other Amazing Engagement Rings Under $1500?

#2 14k Gold Five-Stone Diamond Ring for under $1500buy4._V192207739_

Amazing Engagement Rings Under $1500Customer reviews

This shine ring fits the pictures online perfectly, no, I should say the real one is much more beautiful than I imagined. My girlfriend has tiny hands and the diamond looks even bigger on her hands. Love it so much!

#3 0.90 cttw IGI Certified Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold


Diamond Ring for under $1500Customer reviews

This ring is just so unique that everyone around me started to ask about where they can buy one. Even though the size of the diamond is a little small, doesn’t prevent it from been so sparkle and shine. Very happy to have purchase this one!