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Best Engagement Rings Under 4000 Dollars

Beside purchasing house and car, the engagement ring may be the large expenditure for most people.It confuses lots of guys of buying the best engagement ring for their sweethearts.While there are questions should be answered for the buyers, for instance, how much should be spent on the engagement ring ?Is it the best engagement ring under 4000 dollars?Should I choose white gold engagement ring or others?Does she like princess cut engagement ring?

It is obvious that you need to learn a lot to pick out one engagement ring, such as the best engagement.And choosing the best engagement ring can be a big deal.Don’t worry.This buying guide would help you get the best engagement ring under 4000 dollars.

Comparison Chart:Best Engagement Rings under 4000 Dollars

To get the most useful message, I have studied kinds of engagement rings under 4000dollars to make some comparison.The information includes but not limited to the mental, the grade settled by four Cs, the shape, the brand, the gem type.Of course, the price may be the most important thing.So taking your budge in to account is necessary.

While a rang of level engagement over there, you just like go into a maze.The comparison chart can figure out the difference among the engagement rings.And the chart has been updated all the way to support your perfect purchasing.

1 Carat 14K White Gold Classic Halo Style Cushion Shape Diamond Engagement Ring Under 4000 Dollars

Finding a perfect diamond ring for your deep loved woman can be a challenging purchasing. Wedding jewelry and engagement rings can be among the most symbolic treasures that a woman will has and the engagement rings should reflect your wifes’ personal style. The engagement rings should be unique and will influence the overall appearance to a great extent. If you plan to shop for an exquisite engagement ring,you should be care of much details. You should know what attributes make the sparking cut and shine?Now,I will recommend a best 1 carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring under 4000 dollars to you.You are required to go through this article to search for further details.

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A different price range:there are over 10,000 stones, you are allowed to pick out the right ring for your budget by upgrading the center stone.

100% Natural and has no conflict: Its diamond is 100% Natural and conflict free which delivers a eye clean look.

Resizable:If the size is not very suitable for you,you are allowed to resize ti to Sizes 4-9.The multiple sizes gives you more options.

A month money back guarantee:This product is designed with a 30 days money back guarantee and you don’t need to worry the the quality of this product.


It is a little expensive and the ordinary people may can not afford it.

Some people may be not pleased with the cut and the color.You are not allowed to reshape the cut.

What current owners say

This is a great diamond as described! It comes with super fast shipping. This one replaced first ring I had bought for my wife. She looks more elegant and nobile than before.She love it very much.

It is absolutely a gorgeous ring designed with a beautiful diamond.It was provided at wholesale prices.This great ring can be resized to any size for your needs.In addition,this diamond ring is well equipped with a sparking cut and you are allowed to enjoy the elegance.

Although this ring costs much,it is worth the money.I sent this ring to my wife and she loved it very much.I have to say this product can be a wedding ring and be treasured forever.I highly recommend this beautiful Engagement Ring Under 4000 to any new couple.


Tips for Choosing the Best Engagement Rings

Your Budget

The first thing you should establish when you are going to buy an engagement ring is you own budget.Someone said that you spent two months of you salary on the engagement ring.But it depends.You also need to decide how much you can afford for an engagement ring.And it will help you find out your ideal engagement rings after you talk with sellers your purchasing plan.What is more, your thought showing in the choosing process.

The Four Cs Principle

The four Cs principle is said to the easy lesson for engagement rings buyers.That is the color, the cut, the clarity and the carat.The color is divided from colorless to some yellow or brown tint.Next, the cut is related to sparkle and brilliance.And then, the clarity is about the size and number of flaw.Finally, the carat or the weight does matter.From these four aspects, you could measure the rings in front of you.

The Jeweler

So many suppliers are in the market. The reliable and authoritative jewelers always guarantee the engagement rings quality.Some certifications gained by jewelers are the best standards.

The Shape

Diamond shape is influenced by popularity.The shape can be described as round, oval, pear, heart, marquise, cushion, princess, square emerald, emerald, and radiant.But your purchasing had best follow your thought not any popularity.Different shapes stand for different meanings.And one special engagement ring can distinct from ordinary styles.

The Metal

Gold and platinum have each own trait.Gold is not harder than platinum, and wore out quicker. Some experts also suggested that put platinum claws into gold ring to strengthen the ring’s setting.

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Under 4000 Dollars

#1 1.57 Carat Princess Cut Designer Four Prong Round Diamond Engagement Ring under 4000buy4._V192207739_

Best Engagement Rings under 4000 DollarsThe resizable engagement ring can be sized from 4 to 9.Perhaps it fits for somebody want to give a surprise to his honey but has no idea about her finger size.Not only the cut, but also the color and clarity are matched with the price that under $ 4,000.


  • The Diamond Shape: princess cut seems to be the most popular in the latest year.The modern cut type is in time and make the person who wears it feels fashionable.
  • The Diamond Color: since the colors are ranging from D to Z, the 1.57 carat engagement ring is much nice for D-E color.
  • The Diamond Clarity:this kind of ring is evaluated as VS2-SI1 clarity.It means that having little flaw to influence the ring’s brilliance.

Reasons to Buy

As the engagement ring is under $ 4.000, it might fit your budget perfectly.And it matches with the principle of four Cs while the carat weighs 1.57.Besides, it comes from Houston Diamond District, the reliable jeweler.Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the quality of this expecting engagement ring under 4000 dollars.

Customer Reviews

It is the first choice for young couples.The sparkle of the ring is unique, and Houston Diamond is honest and professional, it makes the ring is exceptionally amazing.The diamond is good quality without doubt.

#2 1.51 Carat IGI Certified 14K White Gold Designer Four Prong Pave Set Round Diamonds Engagement Ring for under 4000


Round Diamonds Engagement Ring UNDER 4000Customer Reviews

It is an impressing ring for most people.The Chandni Jewels offers the white diamond, which is popular round shape.Absolutely it is a stunning  Engagement Ring Under 4000

#3  2 Carat Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring under 4000 with a 1.5 Carat J-K I2 Center


2 Carat Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring with a 1.5 Carat J-K I2 CenterCustomer Reviews

The gorgeous ring with light stone in the center is well clarity and color.The Houston Diamond District should be recommended strongly for that you never go wrong in the purchasing process.The exquisite ring would make you happy because of the having.

My Recommendation

There are two of engagement rings under 4000 from Houston Diamond, the famous brand.It ensures the perfect quality.But another jeweler is worth recommending, too.All of them are charged under $ 4,000, in spite of budget, four Cs or jewelers, I believe you have already your preference.

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cushion cut diamond rings Guide:In case you’re out there searching for the best diamond for your cash, then please call us and tell us your financial budget as well as what you’re trying to find. We’ll search through a large number of diamonds on the internet and send you recommended stones to select from that match your requirements the best.

1 carat cushion cut diamond rings under 4000 dollars:I try my best to spell out the romance.But my terms is far inferior than the diamonds.Therefore I would really like provide you with some suggestions to be able to show your love correctly.