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Best Simple Engagement Rings Under $3000

Be aware that the engagement ring hunting season is coming!After one whole week searching on the internet, Iput up with a list that contains 3 top best SIMPLE engagement rings under $3000. If you are just in the middle of hesitation, I assure you this passage will help you make your choice.

Spending 3000 dollars on a ring to some extent can be a little expensive, but just imagine the moment you hear “yes, I do”, it’s all worth it! With all the quality, fancy design and diamond certification, the goods below are all you can hope for the best engagement ring under 3000 Dollars.

 Best Simple Engagement Rings Under $3000,Please Say Yes

1 Carat Classic Prong Set Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Under 3000

Best Simple Engagement Rings Under $3000Purchasing jewelry is always fraught with much stress, especially when you plan to purchase an engagement ring under 3000 dollars.An engagement ring is totally different from any other piece of jewelry because the latter is merely an adornment, but the engagement ring must be a symbol of commitment and love. If you want her to love you forever,you must choose a perfect engagement ring for her.If you have much difficulty in purchasing an engagement ring,I will introduce the best Best 1 carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring to you. This engagement rings will play an important role in winning her love.There is further information about this ring in this article.


  • Beautiful and nobile:This Simple Engagement Rings Under 3000 is designed with 14K white gold and a generous design,which makes it beautiful and nobile.
  • Multiple metal type: There are multiple metal type provided for you to choose.such as rose-gold,white-gold,platinum and yellow-gold.
  • Free Certificate of Authenticity:This product is assessed and authenticated by many institute’s expert gemologists and you don’t need to worry the quality of these rings.
  • Direct manufacturer prices:This Simple Engagement Rings Under $3000 is sold at a direct manufacturer price and you can save much money if you bought it on amazon.com.


  • This prouct can only be shipped to the selected countries and it may take cretain time.
  • The price of this item is too high for some people though it is sold at direct manufacturer price.

What current owners say

Super fast shipping!This product is shipped at high speed.It can be resized to fit my fingers.I love its diamond very much because it adds much elegance and convenice to me.it matchs to my skirt perfectly and I like it much.

 I love this generous item very much.It provides me with much elegance and nobiliity. My boyfriend gave it to me and I am proud of this gift.My friends show high praise of this wedding gift and I am very happy with this gift.

The materal of this ring is very nice and durable.I have wear this gift for almost two years. It still looks very beautiful and eye clean.It sparking design makes it attractive.I have to say this product is of good quality and has low price.


Buying Guide:Latest trends from the 2017 fashion design

Just like MarilynMonroe said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.Here I’d like to introduce you some latest trends for engagement rings, which you may find it come in handy.

  • colored stones: These days the classic white diamond rings are on longer our one and only option during the proposal, many people prefer to make this memory much colorful by using a colored-stone-ring. Which also indicates what’s between you guys is something special just like the ring.
  • halo setting: It’s been more and more popular these days for a diamond ring to get halo setting, which is always considered vintage but also standing out in some way.
  • customization: Since the engagement ring helps you embrace a new state of your life, many people want it to be unique. In order to satisfy those needs, many ring companies start customization service. You can put your names on it or even design your own rings, doesn’t that sounds fantastic?

Reviews:Amazing engagement rings under $3000, I recommend 

 Best Simple Engagement Rings Under $3000#1 1.50 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold Simple Engagement Rings Under 3000buy4._V192207739_

If you want to be a princess in real life, check out this fantastic engagement ring now! It is all a woman can hope for what’s in their jewelry box. This brilliant Simple Engagement Rings Under $3000 is crafted in 14K white gold, which has a 1.50 carats diamond setting on it. Yes, you see it right, 1.50 carats! So rare that is totally blowing me away. I can only imagine the joy and happiness when a put a diamond ring like this on my hand. And for those who are ready to propose, I can guarantee you he or she will definitely say yes!


  • Very good cut and I2-I3 minimum clarity, the ring comes with a certification indicates a perfect quality,The 6 prong setting method allow the diamond to give out great sparkle, which at the same time stays amazingly glorious.
  • 100% natural white diamond with no heat treatment which can be treasured forever, even if you want to pass this down to your next generations!Doesn’t that sounds great?

Reasons to buy

  • The company guarantees a 30 days money back and a 60 days complimentary repair service, which make sure you have no further concerns about the after-sales..
  • The price is just beyond your imagination, if you buy it now you will receive a discount at75% off, which means you will save almost 7500 dollars at one 1.50 carats ring!

Customer review

All I can say is this whole thing is amazing! The clarity of the diamond, the design and the customer service, everything is worthier than what I paid for. And thanks again for the on-time arriving before I left the country.

Any Other Simple and Affordable engagement rings under $3000?

#2 1.75 Carat Round Cut Designer Halo Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring Under 3000 Dollarsbuy4._V192207739_

Affordable engagement rings under $3000Customer review

Speaking of the 4C standard, I think this ring has lived up to all my expectations. The workmanship and design was all perfect, and I’m telling myself this is the one! Iwill check this company first if I ever needed to buy another ring.

#3 IGI Certified 1.35 Carat Princess Cut/Shape 14K White Gold Vintage Style Cchannel Set Filigree Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.75 Carat, J-K Color, SI1-SI2buy4._V192207739_ Clarity Center Stone

Diamond Engagement Ring under 3000Customer review

I just want to say excellent! This engagement ring under 3000 dollars is far beyond my anticipation. I guarantee you will never regret buying such amazing ring. It can totally take the credit for my successful proposal, and thank you again!

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