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Best Value Engagement Rings Under 400 Dollars

For those who are ready to propose to your lovers, choosing an engagement ring can really be a very difficult and dreaded experience. Can you imagine when you pop the most important question to the person you love the most in the world with a stunning engagement ring? Just think about that scenario makes me want to cry.

May be many of us cannot afford to buy a luxury one, but don’t worry, here I am, representing you a list of the Best Value Engagement Rings Under 400 Dollars. Believe me with the right knowledge of what you’re looking for in a ring and your excitement, this following article will help you to achieve a perfect proposal.

 My Picks:Best Value Engagement Rings Under 400 Dollars

Buying Guide:Factors you should consider when buying an engagement ring

The 4Cs: the 4Cs includes carat, cut, clarity and color, which is a universal standard for jewelry assessment.Generally speaking, the most important characteristic is the cut which represent real technique.

The metal:Gold has always been considered the most precious metals, which can be mixed with copper, zinc and silver for jewelry. However, 24K pure gold is too flexible, which are always been replaced by 14K or 18K gold for fine jewelry.

The shapes:As we all know that with the increasing desire for creativity, there have been so many different shapes of diamonds in the markets now, such as cushion, pear, emerald, marquise, round and so on.They say the shape of diamond reflex what kind of person you are, so don’t hesitate when you take a fancy to the ring, it may just be the one.

Reviews:Best engagement rings under $400 Of 2016

#1 14k White Gold Aquamarine and DiamondEngagement Ring, Size 7buy4._V192207739_

14k White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond UNDER500

Best engagement rings under $400

This is the engagement ring which really exceedsall your expectations!The ring is delicate with a small round-shape stone. It sparkles so brightly in the day light. 0.462 carats total gem weight makes everything around you so shine. With the 14K white gold metal precisely cut and setting by multiple processes, the ring is almost a dream come true!Then just go for it!


  • Certificated with good 4C standard makes sure what you buy offers quality guarantee and every penny you spend worthwhile.
  • With totally 45 stones decorated around , the ring shows amazing grace and luxury. Every touch brings people fresh air just like the spring wind, so soft and gentle.
  • Natural stone been heat treated which makes the stone regain the considerable mechanical strength.That process enhances the jewelry’s ability to resistance to impact.

Reasons to buy

  • If you buy now you will receive a discount of 57% off, which means you can almost save 540 dollars! There could be no such chance once sold out and more information in Amazon.
  • This engagement ring has gained a great reputation by people who bought it and they all fell in love with it.

Customer reviews

With this price you can’t complain more. However, the only flaw may be the box the ring came from, which is plastic and simple.With its high quality and fancy design, you can never beat the price! Couldn’t be happier!

Any Other Cheap engagement rings under $400?

#2 14K White Gold Diamond Classic Traditional wedding Ring under $400


cheap engagement rings under $400Customer reviews

I was skeptical at first since the ring has no customer reviews which means I was going to be the first buyer. But I had to admit that it was worth it. I can’t even wait for her to say yes to my proposal!

#3 1/3 -1/5 ct IGI Certified Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Goldbuy4._V192207739_

value engagement rings under $400Customer reviews

Actually I was afraid to purchase engagement rings on line, but Amazon made it all worth it!! The ring is perfectly matched with the picture and it’s much more beautiful in person! Love it!